WELCOME TO COL(CASTING OFFICE LONA) !!! A little Hollywood in Okinawa.

We offer part time jobs for babies, children, adults and

senior citizens of all races. 


The island of Okinawa is a perfect location to film movies, to photograph still shots for various types of advertisements. 


The owner of COL has been employed for a similar firm for over 20 years, and taking the advantage of many years in managing models and casts and also dealing with clients from abroad and from Mainland, the owner has formed COL in the year 2004.

We employ Japanese casts also, but the majority of our casts are focused on foreigners (Americans, Australians, Canadians etc..) due to the high demand from our clients who seek an image that is normally more foreign.

For those of who feel hesitant with the language barrier, we have a bi-lingual manager who can assist our casts and models to prevent communication problems.

The process to get into modeling is as follows:

Please call Lona at 090-8293-1046 or the office at 098-898-7611 to make an appointment. Our hours of operation are from Monday to Friday (10:00a.m.to 6:00 p.m.) We are closed on Japanese holidays.


We do take walk ins but in that case, please understand that our office may be closed due to a casting call.

On your visit to our office, we will take the following information, along with some snap shots outside.


 Info needed: Name, Age, Height, Date of Birth, Measurements,Rotation Date, hobbies. Please take this opportunity to make some extra cash free of any registration fee,  along with enjoying the glamorous industry of little Hollywood here in Okinawa.


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